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waco home builder

Looking for a Waco home builder?

We humbly ask you to consider Barn Light Homes to work alongside you to make your dreams come true.  Barn Light Homes is a home builder for China Spring, Crawford, Lorena, Robinson, Axtell, Valley Mills, McGregor, and other areas in and around Waco. Trust the work and service of an off-duty firefighter to have your back in your upcoming build project.  Contact Builder Mike Gilmer through email or our contact page.  If you’d like, complete our quick design brief to tell us what you’re looking to build.  We appreciate your consideration of Barn Light Homes for your upcoming home building project.

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waco home builder
waco home builder waco tx
waco home builder
waco home builder
waco home builder
waco home builder

The Charm of Your Grandmother's Home

Your Grandma’s house may have hosted rich woodwork that looked as if it had been there for ages. A trusty farmhouse sink may have anchored the kitchen. A garden bed out back most certainly flourished and was accessible to the kitchen. A porch perfect for rocking chairs welcomed everyone out front.

The Luxury of Your Favorite Hotel Suite

Your favorite hotel suite probably boasted spacious rooms full of amenities you never knew you needed, but now know you can’t live without.  Clean lines and pleasing aesthetics likely made your jaw drop upon entry.  Picturesque views through numerous windows helped you appreciate your surroundings.

That is What Makes a Barn Light Home

Each Barn Light Home is a unique creation that combines the charm of your Grandma’s house with the luxury of your favorite hotel suite.  Barn Light Homes are built with the goal of achieving that luxurious, resort living in our everyday lives while including that timeless character we absolutely adore.

Some Barn Light Home Features...

Our standards are high. Read about some of the features in a typical Barn Light Home.

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Looking for a Waco Home Builder?

Get quality, well-thought-out systems and structure, and a thoughtful builder honored to work with you.

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